Your air conditioner provides essential cooling throughout the warmest months of the year here in Frontenac, MO, and scheduling AC maintenance is a must. It’s important to keep your cooling system in good condition to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. At Scott-Lee Heating Company, our NATE-certified technicians have the skill and experience to keep your air conditioning system in top condition all year round with the most professional and reliable AC maintenance in Frontenac.

    AC Maintenance in Frontenac, MO

    Annual tune-ups of your home’s air conditioning can maximize your unit’s lifespan and energy efficiency, providing you and your home with benefits for years to come. If not properly cleaned or maintained, your system could lead to unexpected and more costly repairs that could be avoided with our detailed AC tune-up service.

    Preventive AC Maintenance in Frontenac, MO

    The warmer months often burden air conditioners, causing them to work harder or parts to wear out, making systems fail unexpectedly. This can lead to an unexplained rise in utility costs and cause extensive damage to your system, which can become costly to repair.

    Our team of technicians offers high-quality air conditioning maintenance services guaranteed to give you the enhanced comfort you deserve. We service air conditioners of all types and brands and provide maintenance tips to keep your HVAC system running effectively and efficiently. With our Precision Maintenance Agreement, you can rest assured that your AC system is running smoothly, as per the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. These scheduled tune-ups are also designed to catch and correct minor problems before they become major system breakdowns that dig deeper into your pocket.

    Our comprehensive service includes cleaning, changing air filters, checking your refrigerant charge, evaporator and condenser coils, wiring connections, lubricating moving parts, re-calibrating your thermostat, and much more.

    Preventive AC Maintenance in Frontenac, MO

    It’s a smart investment, especially when you consider the benefits, which include:
    • Increased efficiency saving energy and money
    • Consistent/improved comfort all year round
    • Fewer Repairs and HVAC malfunction calls
    • Longer expected service life for your equipment
    • More effective and energy-efficient cooling
    • Protection for your manufacturer’s warranty

    AC Tune-Up Service Made Simple

    We’re large enough to handle your AC maintenance needs yet small enough to treat you like family. With over 40 years of air conditioning and cooling systems experience, our experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company can keep your AC unit performing efficiently and reliably. We believe there’s simply no substitute for experience. From transparent pricing to excellent communication and stellar customer service, you can expect a professional AC service that goes beyond your expectations. For speedy service, our trucks come fully stocked with quality parts and tools. It even gets better as we offer a discount on various parts.

    Contact us today to schedule your next AC maintenance service in Frontenac or the surrounding areas.

    Need help with your heating maintenance too? You can count on us. As part of our full range of AC services, we also offer AC repair and installation services.