Regular AC maintenance in Edwardsville, IL is a crucial part of home maintenance. We recommend that you get your AC serviced at least once a year to keep the inside and outside components clean and in order to ensure that there are no minor issues that need attention. AC maintenance can also include an air filter change, tests related to performance and energy efficiency, and a thorough cleaning.

    AC Maintenance in Edwardsville, IL

    To prevent any disruptions in your ability to use the AC, it’s always a good idea to schedule your AC tune-up with Scott-Lee Heating Company during mid to late spring. Some homeowners may even go as far as scheduling a service in late winter, so they can blast the AC during the spring if need be. After all, average daily highs have been climbing throughout the years, and many people now find spring weather to be rather humid and hot.

    AC Tune-Up Benefits

    Getting regular Edwardsville AC tune-ups is highly beneficial to your home comfort. The cost of the tune-up is minor when compared to all of the costly repairs that can be avoided.

    AC Tune-Up Benefits

    Some of the benefits that you can enjoy upon getting an AC tune-up include:
    • Longer overall lifespan and usage
    • Higher performance and energy efficiency
    • Fewer costly repairs in the future
    • Better air quality distribution
    • Quieter operation

    Scott-Lee Heating Company can provide you with a thorough AC tune-up that will return it back to its original condition. After maintenance, you’ll notice that your AC unit will function like new. It will be able to quickly cool down your entire home with ease, and you’ll notice that it will have a renewed cooling ability. If your AC unit was making odd sounds previously, you will now be able to enjoy a fairly quiet overall operation.

    With regular maintenance, you won’t need to get costly repairs as often, and there’s less of a risk that your AC unit will break down prematurely. AC replacements are quite expensive, so it’s best to avoid them whenever possible. The entire process is also much more time-consuming in comparison as well.

    Reliable Edwardsville AC Maintenance

    For over 40 years, Scott-Lee Heating Company has provided AC maintenance and tune-ups to both residential and commercial property owners in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. We guarantee you that we always put our customers first, and we strive to provide you with high quality services that you’ll be happy with. Before we start on any type of work, we confirm with our customers that they know exactly what the job entails.

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