With daily temperatures reaching new highs every year, it’s time to invest in an AC installation in St. Clair, MO. If your home doesn’t already have an AC unit installed, it is less valuable in the eyes of buyers. Nowadays, having AC is considered a necessity. On top of that, you’re also missing out on a great living experience in your home. Having to sit through the sweltering heat can make any home feel stuffy and humid.

    AC Installation in St. Clair, MO

    When it comes to choosing an AC system for your home, you’ll need to consider many factors, like the type, brand, and model that’s the best fit. The experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you determine the best system to fit your needs. Our team will factor in the size of your home, your personal needs, as well as your budget to find a solution that fills all of those needs perfectly.

    Best AC Replacement in St. Clair

    If your AC is getting old, consider getting an AC replacement in St. Clair. A new AC system will not only be more efficient, but it will also have a better overall performance. Some of the older units have more features and functions that make them more convenient to use.

    Best AC Replacement in St. Clair

    But, when should you get a new AC for your home? Here are some signs:
    • The unit is over 15 years old.
    • The energy bills are skyrocketing.
    • It performs poorly despite getting repaired.
    • It requires costly repairs frequently.
    • You’re looking for new, advanced features.

    When looking for an AC replacement, it’s important to consider the brand, type, and model that’s best suited for your home. Our team at Scott-Lee Heating Company will help you narrow down your choices and help you figure out what features you need.

    Trusted, Reliable AC Installation

    24 hours servicesHere, at Scott-Lee Heating Company, we have remained committed to providing exemplary services and workmanship since 1978. We take pride in what we do, and can guarantee AC and heating services within 24 hours and have standby technicians available 365 days a year. Our passion shines through in all that we do, and we’ve even won the Dave Lennox Award in 26 of the past 28 years. We treat our customers like family and take time to explain every job.

    Give us a call for AC installation and replacement services in St. Clair. If your AC is not working properly we can quickly diagnose and repair any problem you are having. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your AC running efficiently. Call to schedule your annual tune-up before the summer season. Not looking for AC installation? We also offer quality furnace installation and replacement services.