October 21, 2019

5 Ways To Save Energy This Fall

When the heating season comes, it’s wise to see where you could improve the energy efficiency of your unit as well as your home. The following are some basic steps, most of which are inexpensive, to get you started.

1. Professional Heating Maintenance

Annual maintenance is always a plus for saving energy. In fact, some heating system warranties require it, or they become void. You can look to Scott-Lee Heating Company for annual tune-ups no matter where you live in St. Louis, MO. A tune-up can keep all the parts clean, the electrical connections tight, and the thermostat calibrated.

2. Air Filter Replacement

Many tune-ups will cover the air filter replacement, but this is a job you can just as easily do yourself. Pleated air filters become inefficient after six months, while fiberglass filters last only 30 days. Replace these so that the heating system can blow out warm air without the hindrance of dirt and debris.

3. Insulation Upgrades

You could add insulation to your attic, wall cavities, and (if applicable) basement or crawl space to keep warm air in and cold air out. If there’s already insulation, look at its R-value, which is the level of resistance it offers to heat flow. If the R-value is low, then you may want an upgrade.

4. Weatherstripping

Drafts will suck the warm air out, so go around the house and seal any cracks and gaps. These are found mostly around windows and doors. The attic should be sealed, too, or the insulation won’t be of any benefit.

5. Wise Use of Space Heaters

Space heaters should be used for one or two areas only; beyond that, they’ll drain your wallet. They can also provide extra heating for older members of the family.

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