July 25, 2018

5 Common AC Issues

Lennox SystemsLet’s face it, air conditioning has become essential to our lives. Let us inspect your AC unit and make sure it’s going to be reliable through the summer season. We can make repairs with genuine parts and dependable expertise that will have your AC ready for the season or back up and running when things go bad.

Here are five of the most common issues we see with AC units:

Bad Installation: sometimes saving money is a great idea and works out for the very best. Sometimes, relying on a handyman with uncertain skills ends up costing a homeowner more in the long run.

Low Refrigerant: air conditioner units rely on refrigerants like Freon to actually produce the coolness that translates into comfort. Eventually, it gets used up. What we often encounter in an uncooperative AC unit is a simple slow leak. It’s a common problem and easily fixed.

Broken Fan: the cold has to be directed somewhere, and that great big fan outside is important. It can get gummed up or simply break down.

Frozen Coil: condensation builds up and freezes as moisture passes over the coil. That, in turn, can be caused by other issues, including some listed here, like when a unit runs low on refrigerant. We can examine the unit and determine the chain of events that led to the coil freezing up, and then fix it.

Expert AC Help with Scott-Lee

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