The Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems – St. Louis HVAC

August 8, 2017

Zoned HVAC systems help keep your family comfortable and also help with efficiency. Often, homeowners have to deal with uneven temperatures in different rooms of the house. This happens due to the positioning and layout of the home. For example, rooms at the top, attics, etc. often seem to be warmer than other rooms, while those on the lower grounds, like basements, end up much colder. Moreover, different members of the family could have different temperature preferences. For example, someone complains that the HVAC does not cool enough, while another family member simply ‘freezes’ when the conditioning is on. These are common concerns with a traditional HVAC setup, when one uniform temperature setting heats or cools the entire home. Customizing the temperature according to everyone’s need, or trying to ensure that the whole house is equally warm or cool can turn into a thermostat war, often reducing the efficiency of the HVAC. At times, homeowners turn to quick-fixes like closing vents in rooms where the temperatures are unequal or where different temperature is desired. Such quick-fixes can cause disturbances in the air flow of the HVAC reducing its efficiency. Zoned HVAC Systems Zoned HVAC setups eliminate the inability of traditional...

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