Use This Tax Credit Before the End of the Year

November 4, 2013

Do not miss the opportunity to claim the 30% tax rebate for geothermal heating systems. Put aside for a moment how environmentally friendly they are or how they can cut up to 70% off of your utility bills. Forget for now that they are more quiet and reliable than ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps. Focus instead on the tax break being offered by the federal government if you have one installed in your home or business. The Federal Tax Credit 2014 is right around the corner. Do not miss out on your opportunity to claim the 30% tax rebate being offered to homeowners who have a geothermal heating system installed. All you need to do to qualify is have purchased and installed a system that exceeds the requirements of the energy star program after 2007. You will not be required to provide any proof of purchase, but you should retain all receipts in the event of an audit. Business owners also can benefit from a tax credit of 10% if they install a geothermal heating system on their premises. Your Return on Investment A geothermal heat pump is an expensive investment initially. There is a need to dig large...

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