Safeguarding Your HVAC System Against Storm Damage

October 31, 2014

Storms are among the most common causes of HVAC systems damage. Storms can bring along rain, hail, and strong winds and all of these can damage both the HVAC system and the house. Being aware of the effects of a storm and the different methods of protecting the HVAC system can ease the anxiety of a homeowner and help avoid unnecessary repair bills. Homeowners should keep in mind that they should not touch a storm damaged HVAC system. Contact an HVAC professional who can evaluate the damage and make the necessary repairs on the unit. Set Up and Use a Sump Pump HVAC systems located in the basement are at a higher risk of getting damaged because of flooding caused by heavy rains. It is advisable that homeowners set up a sump pump in the basement to prevent flood from damaging the HVAC system. A sump pump is activated automatically once it detects water inside the basement. It will pump out the water before it builds up inside the basement. It is also necessary to check the sump pump and its power supply regularly to ensure that it functions properly when necessary. Utilize a Protective Cover on an Outdoor HVAC...

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