HVAC Letter of Appreciation from Cottleville, Missouri Resident

July 1, 2016

We recently received the following letter of appreciation regarding HVAC work we preformed in St. Charles, Missouri. June 14, 2016 – We recently has our air conditioning/electric heating system replaced by Scott-Lee. Our experience was so satisfying that it deserves this letter of appreciation. Scott-Lee installed our original system in our new-built home in 1996 and has been providing excellent inspection and repair services since then. During our annual spring inspection this year, Chris noticed oil on the interior unit tubing and a low coolant pressure indicative of a system leak. He advised us of repair/replacement options for our system with the ‘old’ coolant even checking that critical components were no longer available due to the change in coolant. The entire system needed replacing. We were contacted by Shaun Tarrillion, your sales representative. He visited our home a few days later in Cottleville, MO – very conveniently during the early evening. His inspection and presentations were very professional and made with little pressure. He measured the size of the house, current ductwork and confirmed our heating/cooling needs. He discussed our replacement options with informative brochures and system specifications indicated possible options. He followed up the next day with a formal...

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