How to Lower Commercial HVAC Costs – St. Louis Commercial Heating

December 21, 2015

Careful planning and regular maintenance can lower your commercial HVAC costs. With the energy market shifting towards dynamic pricing, facility management professionals are concerned about how to lower commercial HVAC costs. It is not easy to control pricing in this market-based environment. But with careful planning, management, and regular maintenance, it is possible to cut down on your HVAC costs significantly. Adjust Temperature Setpoints In general, a building requires maintaining a temperature of 78 degrees during the summer and around 68 degrees during the winter, according to energy conservation construction codes. In reality, most housing structures have daytime temperatures between 72 and 75 degrees throughout the year. More comfort calls for spending more on energy bills. Facility management professionals need to take steps to raise awareness about the importance of setting the daytime temperature to the state’s energy conservation construction code. It is also important to note that some buildings may require maintaining a setback temperature to ensure a low level of heating or cooling during unoccupied periods. Preventive Maintenance Without regular maintenance, mechanical parts and control instruments in the HVAC system may lose efficiency. Regularly monitor the performance of the mechanical system and take timely steps to repair and replace any damaged components. Perform regular preventive...

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