HVAC Air Filters – How they Help with Allergies

June 14, 2017

Air filters help your HVAC system run more efficiently and filter out allergens too. As any St Louis HVAC technician will tell you, air filters have a variety of functions. They keep the dust away from the internal workings of your HVAC system and so help it to run efficiently and have a longer life. But they also filter out a wide range of allergens too. HVAC filtration has even been found to be more effective at combating allergens than portable HEPA units. This is important news for anyone who suffers from allergies! Different Levels of Filtration Available MERV 1-4 :: This is the cheapest type of filtration with the most basic of filtering. This will filter general household dust such as skin cells. It will also filter clothing lint, dust mites and pollen. While it is basic filtration, anyone suffering from hay fever should notice a reduction in their symptoms when using this type of filtration system. Additionally, it can be a benefit to anyone with asthma due to the fact that it filters out dust mites. Around half of the people with asthma have an allergy to dust mites. MERV 5-8 :: The next level of filtration is...

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