Air Conditioner Compressor Issues – 5 Signs to Look For

October 9, 2017

Call a St. Louis HVAC technician if you notice these signs of AC compressor failure. The compressor is the most vital part of an air conditioning system. When your AC compressor fails you may have to decide whether to repair or replace it. If the system is old it may not be advisable to repair the compressor as it may not be worth the cost. Here are some ways that will help you identify signs of compressor failure. The Compressor Does Not Turn On If you notice that your home is too hot, check the indoor unit of your AC. If you find that the fan is working properly, check the condensing unit, you may find that it is not running at all. In such a situation, you should turn down the thermostat so that the compressor comes on. If it does not turn on it likely means that the compressor has already failed. You should not try to fix the issue yourself. Seek the assistance of a St. Louis HVAC repairman to diagnose the problem. The System Blows Warm Air One sign of the approaching compressor failure is that the system blows warm air even though the condenser appears...

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